My research focuses on philosophical questions about perception. In particular, I have written about auditory perception and the nature of its objects and about multisensory perception and consciousness. This work stems from a more general interest in how perceptual awareness relates to its objects and how it shapes our understanding of the natures of those objects.

Recently, I have been writing about speech perception, the significance of interactions among sense modalities for theorizing more generally about perception, how to differentiate the senses, how perception differs from extra-perceptual cognition, and psychological explanation and taxonomy.

Some of my essays on these topics are collected in Beyond Vision, published by OUP in 2017. Currently, I am writing a monograph on multisensory perception and consciousness called A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception, under contract with OUP.

Listed below are some projects and papers related to my work on sound, auditory perception, and multimodal perception (and some that are not). Click to download [pdf] versions where available. I encourage and welcome your comments.

Research Statement: [pdf]

Video of a short talk called "Beyond Vision," from Scientia's "The Power of Ideas" series. I try to explain my research in 5 minutes to a general audience: [video]

A list of past talks.


Online papers

Unpublished comments, conference papers, and drafts