My research focuses on philosophical questions about perception. In particular, I have written about auditory perception and the nature of its objects and about multisensory perception and consciousness. This work stems from a more general interest in how perceptual awareness relates to its objects and how it shapes our understanding of the natures of those objects.

Recently, I have been writing about speech perception, the significance of interactions among sense modalities for theorizing more generally about perception, how to differentiate the senses, how perception differs from extra-perceptual cognition, and psychological explanation and taxonomy.

Some of my essays on these topics are collected in Beyond Vision, published by OUP in 2017. A new monograph about multisensory perception and consciousness appeared in 2019. It is called, A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception.

Listed below are some projects and papers related to my work on sound, auditory perception, and multimodal perception (and some that are not). Click to download [pdf] versions where available. I encourage and welcome your comments.

Research Statement: [pdf]

Video of a short talk called "Beyond Vision," from Scientia's "The Power of Ideas" series. I try to explain my research in 5 minutes to a general audience: [video]

Hi-Phi Nation, "The Illusionist" [podcast]

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Radio Web MACBA, "On Listening" [podcast]

A list of past talks.


Online papers

Unpublished comments, conference papers, and drafts