Professor of Philosophy

Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63101
t. +1 314 935 6670
e. casey.oca...

Philosophy of mind and perception, metaphysics

My curriculum vitae: [pdf]

Recent and upcoming talks and conferences:

Mar 1, 2017: Central APA, Kansas City
Mar 31, 2017: WUSTL department colloquium
Apr 13, 2017: Pacific APA, Seattle, Symposium on Sensory Transformation and Disability
May 12-13, 2017: University of Pennsylvania, Perceptual Learning Workshop
Jun 15-18, 2017: Tofino, BC
Feb 9, 2018: UT Austin department colloquium
Apr 27, 2018: NYU department colloquium


Artwork courtesy of Sam Van Aken